Dark Mode All Modern Android App Trend is currently the built-in Dark Mode / Night mode option in almost all Android apps. However, the smartphone's most popular messaging app / chatting app, this feature was not officially available in Facebook Messenger.
But this feature has been added to Facebook Messenger's latest updates. However, this dark mode feature is not universally available in messenger settings yet. In the next update, this feature will be enabled from Messenger's settings. But currently you can use the dark mode of Facebook messaging with a trick using Emoji. You should use the latest update of Facebook Messenger
To activate Dark Mode-
Send this emoji (Moon Emoji) to any of your chat list friends or (?) In your inbox. Only send emoji. Do not send extra text with emoji.
Second. Then tap on your raised moon emoji several times. Then you will see many moon emoji falling down from the top of the screen. Next to the screen you got the dark mode! You will see such a message. After that, dark mode can be enabled.
You can then click on your profile picture and enter Messenger settings, you can see Dark Mode enabled and disabled options. This allows you to activate your own blind mode by using it.
To activate this, there are many expected Dark Mode features in Facebook Messenger. However, this feature of Messenger is still experimental. Therefore this feature is not provided directly in Messenger settings. The interface does not fully support dark mode. But in most cases, Dark Mode works perfectly. If this feature is available directly in Messenger settings next to Messenger, then no UI bugs will be lost.
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