Samsung has announced that they will offer 1 terabyte-sized UUFS (Universal Flash Storage) for smartphone manufacturers for the first time smartphone. This storage chip will be used as a smartphone’s internal storage or ROM. Smartphone manufacturers who use this new 1 terabytes of storage chips will have the opportunity to provide up to 1 terabyte of internal storage on their smartphones.

Samsung’s Vice Chairman of Memory Marketing Section Cheol Choi said that Samsung’s new Galaxy T-size storage chip will play an important role in bringing a user experience such as notebooks in the next day’s smartphone. Good read and write speed can be found on Samsung’s last 512 GB size storage chip. The read speed of this storage chip will be available up to a maximum of 1000 MB / s, which is approximately 10 times the size of the normal micro SD card.

Samsung last year marketed its Galaxy Note 9 smartphone as a TB Ready Smartphone. However, this was possible only when an external 512 GB SD card was inserted on Galaxy Note 9. But in the future Samsung will be able to offer on-board 1-terabyte storage by using this new storage chip in their flagship smartphones. One of the high end versions of the Galaxy S10 can be seen in a new storage chip.

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