A few days ago, Samsung had its first slow smartphone show at a conference, but they did not tell anything about the device why except the show off, as if the device was available in the market, the price would be the same.

But in Samsung’s Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung’s official “Galaxy Unfold” event, as well as Samsung’s officially announced the first foldable smartphone, “Galaxy’s Fold”, created by him. Samsung will release its foldable smartphone on April 26, and the starting price of this phone will be US $ 1980, which is equivalent to Tk 1,67,000 in Bangladeshi money.

Samsung will release a mobile version of this foldable smartphone and the fifth edition of the market. The Galaxy Fold is using the Samsung smartphone in a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex display. This Infiniti Flex display helps in making a medium-sized smartphone by turning the smartphone into a tablet-sized display.

Samsung is using a Hing system on the back side of this phone, which helps in turning the entire phone with the help of some interlocking gear. These gear are mounted on the back side of the phone, which can turn the phone from a tablet to a phone.

There is a triple camera setup in the rear of the device, which can be used in two modes of phone and tablet. 12 megapixel has 16 megapixel ultra-wide camera and two wide angle telephoto camera. There is also another 10 megapixel cover camera which will be used as a cellphone camera.

For this phone, Samsung has built a custom Android skin, which will be able to run three different Android apps simultaneously in tablet mode. However, for this type of foldable display the Android app needs to be optimized. Whatsapp, Microsoft Office, YouTube and some other major Android apps have already been optimized for foldable display.

To run the entire system, Qualcomm’s most powerful chipset will be one of the Snapdragon 855 and 12 GB RAM options. 512 GB internal storage. And the two systems which have been retrieved to back up the entire system have been recovered as Android software combined 4380 mAh.

However, the Galaxy Fold smartphone is not perfect right now for public release. The feature of the phone’s software experience and especially switching from tablet to phone mode is not yet sufficient and stable. There are still some developments left in the software section of Samsung. Therefore Samsung will take another month’s time before the public release of the phone.

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