The first preview version of Android N is already release. Yes, of course it has brought many new features available. However this is the first preview version of the Android 7.0 After this, hopefully many more features will be seen slowly. I am already saying that the features I am going to discuss here are officially reported by Google. So there is no reason to doubt. So let’s know about all the new interesting features of Android n.

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According to the Google Developer Conference, on May 18th, the preview of this new version of Android was going to be released. But Google accidentally released Android 7.0 9th month before its release date. This preview version is supported for many Nexus devices as well. Currently there is the ability to update the Android 7.0 preview version via official OTA update in Nexus 6X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus 9G, Nexus Player and Pixel C. The list of accessories is published in the Android Developer Site.

According to the above list, if you have a Nexus phone in this model, then you can easily see Android N with official OTA update. You can also use this preview version in the list of available devices. Below I gave it its official flash link You can download according to your device.
In addition, if you add to a new update, its flash file can be downloaded from here. The latest version of this new version of Android will be delivered to the first Google Nexus device. After that, it will be updated after approximately 6 months or other Android device manufacturers. So let’s take a look at the features mentioned in this.

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Android N Multi-Window Mood
Yes, the multi-window feature has been confirmed in this preview version of friends. Through this feature it will be possible to open supporting apps in the side-by-side window in many windows. In addition, it would be possible to pull windows up or down. If you want to extend each window to a minimum size. This feature has already been seen in various OM devices. The multi-window feature is placed with custom roms on Samsung devices. But now Google officially releases a multi-window mood feature for Android. A photo of multi-window mood has been received from YouTube video itself.

Android n7
More useful for tablets
Designed specifically for the Android NK Tablet. There will be split screen mode for tablet, and there is also a noticeable change in the actual push for tablet-optimized apps, customizable navy buttons, dpi switcher, stock floating mini-app, and user interface.

New Android n Settings Menu
Android has a new formatted settings menu. The main settings menu will appear when you swipe to the left side of the menu. So you do not have to hit the tab or back button repeatedly to reach the new settings menu. If you are in display settings and want to go to Notification Settings, only the Main Settings menu will be moved from left to right, and you can go directly to Notification Settings from there.

Android n Android n
Dosage mood has been increased
DOS Mood Feature is a feature that everyone has liked in Android Marmalano. This feature has been extended by Android n. Dosage mood will now work in two ways. This means that if you stop using your phone then the dose mood will stop. Keep your pants in your pocket and enjoy the dosage mood inside the bag. And the second part will work just like before. This means that the phone will not be used for a long time, then the phone will move in deep hibernation mode. It will be possible to save data and battery.

Quick Settings with new notification menu
There are two major changes in the new notification menu. There is a quick setting, where you can turn on 5 quick options such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Battery Saver etc. WiFi, Bluetooth can be switched off directly from here. Long press on the flash light and the camera will be turned on. Notice changes have been brought to the notice menu. The notification menu was created with the default interface. Supportable application can be replied via notification. Think there came a new mail notification from the Gmail app. You will be able to answer and archive the mail with notification.

If you do not want to see the notification of an application in the Notification menu, then you will see the gear icon if you swipe to the left of the notification. Apps deleted from the gear icon can be prevented from issuing notifications. Multiple page feature has been added in Quick Settings menu. Where you can set different settings shortcut based on different pages. This means that you can easily have 5 quick options and spend a large quick menu.

Android 7.0
Change in the size of Android n
Android n provides the ability to change the display size of your device. To change the display size, go to Settings> Display> Display size. Now you can easily change its size with the display size slider.

Faster apps optimization
With the advantage of fast-moving app optimization on Android 7.0 and that lollipop, the kitkat has been reduced to booting time. For the first time, when an app is launched, its data will be saved in memory so that the next time you use it, it does not take time for loading. To save data in memory, the boot will be fast and fast every time.

Android N Resent Apps Multi Tasking
With the Android N Resent Apps Multi Tasking feature, it will be easy to do multi-tasking applications easily. Remember, you open Gmail app to read mail. There is a link in the mail that you need to see. Now you’ve used Chrome browser to visit this link. Then your resident app is Gmail and Chrome browser. Now you can switch between these two apps by double-tapping the multi-tasking button. To see the Recents App Multi Tasking feature better, you can see the video below.

Android n new data saver feature
A new Data Saver feature has been added to the Android nA. Which will give you control over saving large data. When Junkepep launches this feature, all background sync of the phone will be blocked, and only some apps will be synced on it. This feature will not only block the application’s data servers, but also limit the background data limit so that the data is low.

Important information on the lock screen
I think this is a very important feature that can be found from Android N. Through this feature, you can put many important details on your lock screen with your full name, address, date of birth, blood group etc. Think of an accident where you do not know anyone, and you are seriously injured. This information will help you identify your identity. No need to unlock the phone.

Android 7.0
Full name for Android N or Android 7.0
The full name of Android n or Android 7.0 is not set yet. However, it is true that this Android version is going to be a stir in 2016. The potential name for various websites is estimated to be Android 7.0 Neutral.

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