We are all very familiar with Google. We also know well that Google is not only a search engine but it is one of the world’s largest tech industries, as well as the world’s most popular smartphone operating system, the current owner of Android. However, speaking something new about Google will only waste time. So come directly to the original words. Talk about Google IO 2018 today

Many people know that Google has a major developer conference or program every year, where they work with new features that year and discuss what new services or features they want to release to users and all Announce their new projects in front of Like the last few years this year, Google’s year-long developer conference, Google IO 2018, was held in Mountain View, California. Today, Google will discuss these new developments in our developer conference.

Android P Features
This was the main announcement of Google’s Conference Conference. However, it is ridiculous that 5% of Android users are still unable to use the Android version of Android or Android OS. And Google has announces its next Android version “P”. Although Google does not know the name of this version yet, the Android version of this Android version is called next. The newest version of this new Android version is the biggest feature or the biggest change is gesture and swipe based UI (like iPhone X).

With Apple’s iPhone, Apple has a new Gesture-based UI, many of which can be navigated using Gesture, and also Android P-powered smartphones. This is not a success, but it can be useful for many users who are not used in the navigation bar. In addition, there is a major change in Android’s Ricketts UI screen. Now, the Android apps release apps are screen-based. Like the iPhone or the resume app screen of Xiaomi / Huawei.

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