Samsung UFS Card
Friends Do you want to know about the world’s fastest memory card? Today I’m going to talk about the Samsung UFS Card, which is currently the world’s fastest memory card. If you have a gadget that supports external memory cards, then you should make the right decision before buying a memory card. But the biggest problem is that you can get fast memory cards as per your requirement. Maybe it was going to change. That’s why Samsung recently opened a high capacity memory that works on the new Universal Flash Storage (UFS). Samsung has promised that their new memory card is 5 times faster than any high-end memory card today. not funny? But the question is how can it be so fast? Let’s know everything.

What is ufs actually

UFS is a new flash storage standard for use in consumer electronics. Friends, this is a very modern technology that uses EMMC (eMMC | EMMC’s technology as an internal storage device for smartphones and tablets) and SD card (SD card | used it as external storage for smartphones, DSLR devices) Is done). Made for

This new standard is going to support all major technology companies like Samsung, Toshiba, Micron. If you are currently using a flagship smartphone, then your phone has UFS 2.0 based storage. This standard can give you 850 megabytes / second read speed – where a good SSA can deliver 550 Mb / second read speed. Friends, how fast?

In addition, UFS storage consumes much less than EMMC storage. This technique requires about 10% less electricity than normal storage. Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7 etc. have been seen using UFS based internal storage. And now Samsung has created a stir in the first UFC card market.
Samsung UFS Card is based on old technology UFS 1.0. But still this UFS Memory Card can give you many benefits that you will never get from the normal SD card. Samsung has initially introduced the large capacity of memory cards. This UFS card from Samsung has increased from 32 GB to 256 GB, where SD card is available up to a maximum of 128 GB.

Apart from this, the biggest advantage of this new UFS card is its fleeting speed. 256 GB UFS card can offer 530 MB per second read speed and correct speed of 170 megabytes per second – which is almost 5x faster than the high end SD card available today. This can work great right speed where it is necessary to record a lot of data in a short time – such as recording 4, while recording 360 degree video, or putting several RAO ‚Äč‚Äčimages in DSLR simultaneously. In addition, this card is of small size, so your mobile phone, drone and action camera can easily get spoiled.

Due to the fast speed of this card, any size file can be copied to your computer in a moment (it takes time to copy 5gb file in 10 seconds!). In addition, any media play and thumbnail preview will be very fast.
In addition, this card will continue for mobile phones too. Because the external memory card is not fast, you will see that the iPhone and Nexus phones never have external memory cards. And the slow external memory card is never fit to keep the app. Apart from this, you can make your phone display worse as possible. But Samsung UFS Card has an internal storage equivalent – with less power loss experience – and for which apps are currently installed on external storage, no performance problems can be ignored.

Because this technique is still in the laboratory phase, it is not clear how much they are going to keep their promos. However, if Samsung S6, S7 devices can be considered, then considering the Samsung UFS card is easy. There is nothing better than this technique to ride a large size file and write. Samsung has been able to change the concept of using EMC storage using UFS storage on its device. However, it is expected that their memory card is going to give another new experience. In addition, if Samsung thinks of supporting this card on its new device Note 7 smartphone, then it will not be able to make significant difference in the smartphone world. Many more companies should come forward in support of this UFS memory card.

Another problem is that this memory card is made in a separate PIN configuration – for which you have to be on the smart phone, completely different card slots. So if you have thought of using UFS memory card on your current phone, forget it. However, Samsung has said that they are going to upgrade to a card slot, which will allow UFS Memory Card and Micro SD card to keep the same slot.

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