Vivo’s First In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor Smartphone!

After the opening of the 18: 9 market in the market, when the basal of all the smartphones began to become thin and the market began to emerge, enthusiasm and imagination started with a smartphone-in-screen or under-screen fingerprint sensor. Because, if the screen of the smartphone is kept side-by-side, there will be no empty space beneath the screen to place the fingerprint sensor. Consequently, either fingerprint sensor should be placed somewhere on the back of the phone, or to remove the fingerprint sensor and find a new way to unlock the phone. Many of these smartphones have attempted to solve the software, but no 100% could succeed. For example, Samsung decided to put the fingerprint sensor behind the smartphone at just uncomfortable place next to the camera. But keeping fingerprint sensor in front of the phone is not so easy and easy. That’s why everyone did not like this method And Apple decided to use its fingerprint sensor fully and use its newly developed face ID technology as the primary unlock method of the phone. But unfortunately, this front face is not as easy and effective as fingerprint sensor. So its only correct solution is to create a fingerprint sensor which will be placed under the smartphone’s display and touch fingerprint and unlock the phone with the touch of the display.

But this case is very complicated. So much research has been done about Samsung and Apple that no such fingerprint sensor could be installed on its phone so far. After considering the in-screen fingerprint sensor, they finally thought of other methods. But this year, the world-famous electronic exhibition program, CES 2018, is the first Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Vivo (VIVO) to showcase its new Android smartphone, which has an in-screen fingerprint sensor. A smartphone manufacturer like Vivo has seen an amazing technique that is not yet capable of creating Samsung or Apple, it’s a matter of surprise for almost all smartphone fans in the world.

This smartphone is only displayed in VISO CES 2015. But Vivo has not officially named this phone yet. With the commitment of the producer, they will focus more on the Asian market to sell this phone to consumers in the future. Chinese big smartphone makers like Vivo, Shaomi, Appo, etc. have done the same even before selling each of their products. They are not coming to market this smartphone soon because they believe that the fingerprint sensor feature featuring their smartphone and this smartphone is not yet completed as it has been left in the market. However, on all the hands-on impressions made by the smartphone in CES 2015, it has been observed that the smartphone’s in-screen fingerprint sensor is faster and more responsive than ever. It is expected that the smartphone will be full and will increase its fingerprint sensor Accuracy and speed while exiting the final market.

In this new smartphone, the official name of the fingerprint sensor under the vivo display is the Synaptics Clear ID. This fingerprint sensor is similar to other fingerprint sensors in the market and is similar to a smartphone. If fingerprint scans fingerprint on other normal fingerprint sensors and authenticates fingerprint, the phone unlocks, this in-screen fingerprint sensor will work in the same way (at least from the outside). Of course, Vivo has used some technology to use this fingerprint on his smartphone. However, from outside you will feel like a normal fingerprint sensor, only one difference will be seen, that this fingerprint sensor will be hidden under your phone’s display.

And as a smartphone, this smartphone will have almost everything needed. For example, basal-less display, 18: 9 aspect ratios and more, which should be on a modern smartphone in 2015. Note here that this smartphone has been used in Amoled display. Because, this in-screen fingerprint sensor can not work without amoled display. But Vivo did not talk too much about these components. Because, this is not the main attraction of this phone. The only major attraction for this phone is its in-screen fingerprint sensor. And to tell the truth, most people who buy this phone in the future will be thinking of buying this phone only for this unique feature.

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